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magic beans by two black sheep - part 1

Saturday, March 22, 2014

you remember the impression you always have when you drink the coffee. sometimes you might just wonder how could they come up with such incredible drinks? your busy day may let your curiosity pass, but still we want to introduce you to get to know our 'magic beans' a little better. and this week we would like to present our swiss water decaf coffee beans.

we all know that caffeine is like a daily dose of stimulant. but for those who just want to savour the coffee sensation, the decaf drink is a primary choice.

regarding decaffeination process you can find plenty of information across the internet. however, it is well-regarded that the swiss water process can preserve the essential flavour of the coffee beans while extracting the caffeine component almost entirely. we two black sheep certainly want to offer that kind of treat for our decaf coffee lovers.

but how does this swiss water process goes? as we briefly describe our swisswater decaf beans,

fully certified organic and fairtrade compliant arabica beans, which are then prepared using a 100% chemical free process that leaves the coffee full flavoured, yet 99.9% caffeine free.”

what we stated here we do mean it. take a look at the infographic below for the most simple explanation which shows how organic our decaf beans are. only this 3-step process can take up to 8-10 hours.

for more detail about swiss water process and certifications, you may find from swiss water website at

so next time you order decaf coffee at two black sheep, you can rest assured that you only get the most premium drink made from one of the best decaf beans in the world!